Become A Writer - But How To Start?

So you're thinking about becoming a fiction writer, but you don't know how? You're asking yourself: should you get into book writing classes, have someone teach you first - do you even have the talent?

How To Become A Writer

Becoming a writer is a simple process: First, decide you want to be one. Secondly, sit down, write something. Let it be flawed, but it needs to be concrete - an actual finished story or poem, not just an outline. Give it to someone, get feedback, and improve what you wrote!

Congratulations, you are now a writer. Writing and revising, that's is all there is to it. Revision is key, never forget that, since nothing is perfect on first draft.

About Writing Courses

Here, you may ask: but what about writing classes, writing books? Don't I need those to start?

While writing books are very helpful later, at first I recommend writing on your own. To find out whether you find any joy doing so, you have to try writing hands-on. Genuinely. No abstract class or advice will do that for you - you need to sit down and write.

I highly recommend writing books and classes once you have been through a few writing and revision cycles - so that you have an idea how to effectively convert feedback into practical improvements.

If you don't know how to start at all, try my basic advice on the general writing approaches.

Do I Need to Be Reading Books?

A final note since this sometimes comes up: can you become a writer without reading books a lot?

If you don't have any reading habits at all, getting better at writing may be difficult: Excellent books will give you new things to aspire to, and it's good to keep yourself informed about market trends. Reading new things with the eyes of a writer also helps manifest your craft, by comparing to your own past mistakes and successes, and observing what works and what doesn't.

Thanks for reading the article. Find more advice on writing here. And remember, always keep writing to get better!

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