I’m J. Thiem, a writer (or some would say author) of fiction books. The genres of my work are Fantasy, Science Fiction, and more, often written for a younger audience.

J. Thiem grew up in the sunny south 🐇 of Germany, discovering creative writing in childhood years with short stories now lost in time. Then college happened, a brief episode of ⚗ tech distraction which turned out quite useful for deeper fictional world-building.
Today J. has found back to novels and writing, and the passion for 🏹 fantastic and explosive adventures.

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More About Me
If you came here wondering about me as a person, here are a few things:

Pizza is something I probably eat too much, my sleeping pattern is often quite of a mess, I’m a night owl and my current writing approach is discovery writing with only minimal planning ahead — I like to keep myself excited.

Growing up with German as native language, I discovered my interest in English which I find quite lit. And yes, I write the books directly in English, they aren’t translations of any kind.
Also, my last name “Thiem” is pronounced exactly like the English word “team”.

If you want, contact me and I will try to write back when I find the time!

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